A Changing Market

RE/MAX 4000 invites you to take a look at our new TV Ads.  The 2010 TV Ads Reflect the Changed Market. 

‘SIGNS’ EVERYWHERE: In this new TV ad featuring Margaret Kelly, she reminds viewers that RE/MAX agents have the expertise to navigate REOs, short sales and other complex listings in today’s market.

By Deborah Ball, RE/MAX Times Online Associate Editor

You can view and share three new RE/MAX television ads that highlight the challenges – and opportunities – facing consumers today. The new ads, which feature RE/MAX International CEO Margaret Kelly, are available on the REMAX International YouTube page.

The first of the new ads in the U.S. national TV campaign is “Changing Times.” The commercial, which is already running in primetime this month, discusses the tax credit for buyers, low interest rates and affordable home pricing.

The second spot, “Signs,” shows Kelly walking through a sea of foreclosure and short-sale yard signs. She reminds viewers that RE/MAX agents have the expertise to handle these properties and are just a click away on remax.com. The third ad, “Community,” focuses on how RE/MAX agents are vested in the communities in which they live and work. All the spots are 30 seconds and 15 seconds long.

The 2010 RE/MAX TV ad campaign is simple and direct, and it speaks to the heart of what consumers are seeing in their markets today, says David Rea, RE/MAX International Executive Creative Director.

“With so much uncertainty in today’s real estate market, it’s important to put forward an authoritative voice to speak directly to consumers,” Rea says. “Margaret has the ability to connect with the audience in a way an actor or paid spokesperson couldn’t manage. She’s warm, knowledgeable and, most importantly, she’s real. Her presence instills confidence in the brand and underscores the exceptional abilities of RE/MAX agents.”

In addition to YouTube, the spots also can be viewed on RE/MAX Mainstreet: “Changing Times,” “Signs,” and “Community.”

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