Unpredictable? Really?

The Daily Sentinel recently had an article regarding  the “Unpredictable” Real Estate Market.  Unpredictability is a good thing.  When the interest rates are low, the inventory is high and Sellers show an eagerness to entertain offers……to me, that’s a good thing……a predictably good thing.  The future?……Well looking into my crystal ball, which I believe is all I’ve been able to do to foresee the future of the Real Estate market for all the years I’ve been in real estate….only 22, so at least there is a little history….Predictable? Never!  Will this last for a long time? What’s the market going to do?  Are the interest rates going to go down? Are the interest rates going to go up? Questions that you hear time after time after time.  If it were predictable, it just wouldn’t be as much fun, would it?  The excitment and priviledge of buying and selling property is the foundation of our country?  Right now, It’s a perfect buying climate.  No, I’m not just saying that because I’m a Realtor, honestly, it is a “red-hot” perfect time to purchase.  Interest rates are at all time historical lows.  Government money to purchase? Are you kidding me?  Go do something good for yourself and Buy Buy Buy! 

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Until next time. TMilyard


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