Marjorie Genova Joins RE/MAX 4000

Marjorie Genova has joined RE/MAX 4000.  Marjorie as been a top producing professional for over 19 years.  She has served on served on the Grand Junction Area Realtor Association Board and was award the The Realtor of the Year in 2006.  Marjorie brings a high level of customer service and negotiating skills to her clients and customers and we are honored to have her here at RE/MAX 4000.  Marjorie and Anne Connolly another successful RE/MAX 4000 professional  will be joining forces as Connolly and Genova.


One Reply to “Marjorie Genova Joins RE/MAX 4000”

  1. Marjorie,

    I have been looking for a townhouse, condo, or home without success in Grand Junction. I would like a place with maintenance provided and the outside amenities similar to our home here in Independence Valley. Open to the environment, wild life, good neighborhood, quiet, medical facilities, affordable, etc. You Are familiar with our current home which is wonderful and meets all our requirements except that maintaining it is becoming burdensome at my age..

    We were at a wedding for our granddaughter this past weekend on Genessee, and thought it might have possibilities. It looks expensive however.

    Any ideas here, there or somewhere? No urgency with this.

    Bob Tallarico
    2025 West Liberty Court
    Grand Junction, CO. 81507
    No Phone Calls, currently deaf.

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