I spent the weekend watching the HBO series “The Band Of Brothers”.  It is a depiction of the 101st AirbournDivision and their battles and stories during WWII in the Europe Theater of the war.  It was addicting and fascinating.  I guess I’ve always been fascinated by WWII.  It really has been such a defining moment in our history and it also is such an impactful story of what American men were willing to do for our country.  It also is so amazing how then and now, the people fighting for our country are sooooo young.    And about now……., I’m sure you’re asking….what does this have to do with Real Estate.  Not so much, except the right that we have to own property and how we can never take it for granted.  It’s easy to forget what the right of ownership and freedom means to all of us.  

Remembering some of the Greatest in our History,

Toni Milyard/ Owner RE/MAX 4000


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