Are your best days behind you or are they yet to come?  Personally, I believe they are yet to come.  Of course there have been many wonderful times and memories of date, but there are so many possibilities yet to come.

 We have to maintain focus.  Focus on staying positive and living each day with a great attitude.  We don’t know what the future brings, but we can each day plan with optimism. 

 What do you believe about the real estate industry?  Do you think it’s a good time to buy?  What do you think about the future?  Do you think our best days are behind us?

 The industry has always been a moving target.  One thing is certain and that is we need shelter.  The ability to enjoy home ownership is still an American dream.  For many, this is the perfect time to buy.  The market is seeing a glimpse of holding its own and moving out of a downward trend.  A perfect time to buy in regards to interest rates and there are still many options to keep the investment into the purchase minimal.  As the market trends upward, don’t look back and wish you would have taken advantage of the low interest rates and lower home prices. 

 Don’t take my word for it.  Be educated about the market.  Utilize the knowledge of your professional Realtor. Are you ready to purchase a property or are you ready to sell a property?   RE/MAX 4000 Brokers are equipped with a vast knowledge of what is happening with the real estate industry.  We track the number of showings each week and maintain a focus on the absorption rate of the existing properties on the market.  These are just to name a few of what RE/MAX 4000 Brokers do to maintain a pulse on the market to better serve our customers and clients.

 So……I pose the question again, what do you think about the future? Do you think your best days are behind you?

 We are experiencing interesting times for sure.  Exercising positive thinking and feeding a positive attitude are essential.  WE CAN DO EVERYTHING BETTER!  As a culture we certainly can be more grateful.  We are the most powerful nation.  We still have a country filled with entrepreneurs.  These are not the worst of times. 

 The best of days are ahead of us.  Pour yourself into your lives.  Keep informed.

 Until next time……  Toni Milyard  RE/MAX 4000  Broker/Owner

I can be reached at 970-241-4000  120 W. Park Dr. 200  Grand Junction, CO  81505


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