How You Choose to View the World

Do you ever wonder how you can listen to the same speech, watch the same movie or program and have an entirely opposite view of what it all meant?   Maybe it’s not entirely opposite, but generally the view or opinion is different in some way or another.  Opinion is just that and man does that vary.  Speechs and presentations seem to have the most variation due to taking into account the presenter.  It’s really quite fascinating to hear the positive opinion as opposed to the negative opinion of the very same presentation.  If you’ve got your mind set that you just don’t like the person presenting, do you go into the experience immidiately looking for something negative to take out of what you hear or do you allow the positive to come in? 

We have choices every day of how we want to view the world, is it going to be a great day?   Are you looking for the positive in everything you do?  Are you open to letting yourself experience the positive?  What is your choice? 

The real estate market offers challenges every single day.  One thing that we can count on is that it is, has and will in the future always be changing.  How we choose to view it can be as an opportunity or as negative as destitution.  I believe it to be an opportunity for buyers and sellers.  I believe those people involved in the real estate industry from buyers to sellers to brokers working with buyers and sellers to lenders, appraisers and inspectors……take the high road.  The more we choose to experience life with the positive outcome in mind the more positive the world becomes.   

Of course this is only the “opinion” of Toni Milyard Broker/Owner of RE/MAX 4000.


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