Seconds Count

 How do you measure your time on this planet? Are you measuring it in the number of times you get to smile each day?  How about the number of times you get to see someone else smile?  There are lots of ways to measure your 525,600 minutes each year.  Make sure you cherish each one by measuring your time in happiness.  Too often, we don’t realize all the blessings we have until they are gone.  Tomorrow, leave work a little early or take the afternoon off.  Spend that time with a friend, spouse, or child.  Life is awesome.  It’s ok to sit back, relax, and smell the roses every once and a while. When we look back at our lives twenty years from now, we might not remember every real estate transaction we did, but we will remember a relaxing afternoon with a loved one.  Go out there today and be an amazing person. 

525,600 Minutes: How Do You Measure What Matters in a Year?


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