Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone wants to know about the Real Estate Market, right? 

Well not everyone, but close.  If you don’t own property here in beautiful Western Colorado, why not?  Is it a goal?  Do you own and have questions?  Are you ready to buy?  The following are the three most asked questions for our Sales Associates here at RE/MAX 4000. 

What’s my property worth?

When you’re ready to sell your property, get the opinion of a real estate professional.  The agent’s at RE/MAX 4000 will prepare for you a market analysis for your property showing you the activity in today’s market, where your property should be positioned to attract a buyer and council you on ways to make your property most appealing to potential buyers.  Remember, it’s always subjective to today’s market and the importance of a qualified and knowledgeable real estate professional is essential.

How’s the real estate market?

To quote the chairman of RE/MAX World Headquarters, “The market we have is the market we have.”  The current market does reveal some declining prices.  There is ever constant changing information.  The interest rates are still at record lows, which mean a buyer can qualify for more.  Buyers have a larger selection of properties and therefore, when an offer does come to a seller, the negotiation skills of a skilled real estate professional is very important.  It is more difficult for a buyer to qualify than in years past, but the long term, will make for a healthier market.  The influx of bank owned properties and slowed new starts for builders has made a big impact on the new construction sector.  As the bank owned properties are taken off the market the building permits will begin to flow again at a steadier stream.  The same thing comes into play for builders as buyers; bank financing is more difficult to come by.  Investors are taking advantage of the buying opportunities of today’s real estate market and private investors are a source for builders to acquire financing as well as scoop up investment property.

Is it a good time to buy?

Well of course it’s a good time to buy.  The market is always equal it seems.  If the prices are down, you may take less as a seller, but you can potentially reap the benefit when you turn to buy.  Interest rates currently are at an all time low.  Remember when the rates were around 18%?  With that in mind, 4% to 5% looks extremely attractive.  It’s always a great time to buy if you want to buy.  The market that you are in is always the market you are in.  If you want to live the American dream of owning your own shelter, then it is a great time to fulfill that dream.

For further information, contact one of our professionals here at RE/MAX 4000 by calling 970-241-4000 or follow us on facebook  RE/MAX 4000, Inc. and better yet….if you are looking for property or a great Realtor, your property resourse for all the properties available through the MLS, go to

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