Why Wait?

Listing your home can be such a difficult decision.  What’s the perfect time to sell?  Is there such a time as a perfect time?  Let’s talk about perfect.  Hmmmm, can’t think of a thing to say, because there is no perfect anything.  It’s time to sell before you get underwater in your house payments.  It’s time to sell if you want to make a move to a smaller square footage, tired of caring for a large yard, want a large yard, more kids and need more square footage, or you want to sell just because you want a larger home and you deserve it.

No matter what the desire is, there is always the trepidation of wondering if the time is right.  My suggestion is to jump in with both feet.  It’s no secret the interest rates are low.  Here at RE/MAX 4000 we are experiencing an upswing in houses moving.  There are a few noted multiple offers and buyers making quicker decisions due to inventory declines.  The real estate here in beautiful Western Colorado isn’t flying off the shelves, but this is a great time to have your property on the market if you have any inkling to make a change.  I’ve said it countless times…..the interest rates are incredible and you can qualify for more of a home and have a comfortable monthly payment.  Play the waiting game, and your dream home here in the grand valley may slip away from being affordable as the increase starts to inch up with interest rates. 

Interest rates are going to go up, that’s no secret…..when?  Why play the game, you already have all the cards in front of you, home prices are down, interest rates are down…..sounds like a win to me.

New construction is a viable option now, builders are getting competitive with the existing inventory and the financial strong builders that have weathered the decline in home sales are building quality affordable products.

Make the move, you’ll be glad you did.  You can visit our comprehensive website at www.gjproperties.com to view all of the homes available through the Grand Junction Area Realtor Association.  Choose from any of our professional Real Estate Brokers to assist you with the process of selling and buying your property.  Who now’s what will happen if you continue to wait.  Call now, 970-241-4000  RE/MAX 4000.


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