RE/MAX 4000 Offers Career Development

Joanna Little

 Most of those in Real Estate recognize the name Joanna Little as a colleague who was one of the original owners of The Grand Junction Real Estate Group before the purchase by Toni Milyard, the current Broker/Owner.  RE/MAX 4000 was originally known as the The Grand Junction Real Estate Group and has been in existence since 1989 and right along with it Joanna has been there since the inception.  What you might not know is that before she began her real estate career, she was a teacher, a grant writer, a non-profit manager and she holds a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and Adult Education from the University of Tennessee.  Early in her career as a Realtor she served on the GJARA board of Directors and was President of the Association in 1994-1995.  Her RE/MAX awards include 100% club, Platinum Club and the prestigious Hall of Fame.  Joanna has learned the art of working by referral as well as understanding that creating the life you want is possible if you get out of the way.  She loves helping others achieve their goals and through her recent work with Klemmer and Associates has learned a tremendous amount about herself and what each of us has to contribute to our world.  We at RE/MAX 4000 are proud to have the wisdom and background that Joanna brings to our Career Development program.  It is our goal to offer a program that will enhance the careers of our Realtors at 4000 as well as offer a mentoring program for new associates who join our firm.  If you have questions and would like further details, please contact Joanna Little at 970-241-4000.


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