What’s Stopping You?

There has been much said and questions asked over the past couple of years about real estate.  Is is a good time to sell?  Is it a good time to buy?  If not now, when?  In my opinion, it is absolutely the best time to jump into the pool with both feet.  Stop dangling in your big toe to check out the temperature……Jump In!!  Of course you know there has never been a time, as far as I know, that both the buyer and seller feel like it is the perfect time simultaneously .  Are the prices right?  Yes….they are right now.  It’s been my experience that if you take a hit on the price of your home, you will recapture the pain of the hit with the glorious benefit of purchasing a property at amazing prices.  It’s been our experience here at RE/MAX 4000 of seeing more and more multiple offers on properties priced right. In my crystal ball I’m predicting interest rates will hold at these record lows until after the 2012 Presidential elections.  Are you kidding me?……interest rates below 4.0%.  That’s nearly free money.  If you have cash on hand right now, buy real estate.  The rental market is still strong and I believe it will remain strong due to the gravity of the foreclosure debacle for years to come. My best advice is to leave one of your largest investments in the hands of professional Realtors.  RE/MAX 4000 is here to assist you.  Visit our website at http://www.gjproperties.com to view all of the listings in the Grand Valley and outlying areas, or stop by our offices at the corner of 1st and Patterson Road in beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado.

After the elections, who ever wins, there’s gonna be changes a comin!!  I’m not kidding…….it’s time to jump into the real estate market, this is an incredible opportunity to buy and sell real estate.


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