Take Extra Steps to Stand Out from Other Homes for Sale in Colorado ~ Guest Blogger Joe Tripoli

What is a primary rule for those who want to sell a home quickly? Is it to invest in updates that most buyers will appreciate? No. Is it to worry a lot about curb appeal and ignore some essential repairs? No.

The number one rule for those who have homes for sale in Colorado and who want to sell them quickly is to never make any assumptions about buyers.

A good example of this can be seen in a story from MSN.com. In it, a homeowner had a well-maintained property and was sure that some spray painting done by teenagers in a basement play room would never threaten sales.

While the logic in this is strong, the reality is that a lot of buyers are fickle, and the streaks of spray paint kept way out of sight in the basement might easily keep buyers away from the home. It did in the case of the homeowner in the news story.

This tells us that anyone with homes for sale in Colorado who wants to sell quickly has to not make any assumptions about what their potential buyers might think. Because of this, some of the best steps to take when getting a home ready to be put on the market are a blend of relatively superficial steps as well as more substantial ones.

They include:

  • Do freshen up all of the paint and remove any questionable stains, marks, etc.
  • Don’t decorate the house. Buyers want a staged home to be sure, but it has to be generic and not a strong statement.
  • Make sure that any photos of the interior are a good match to the conditions on the exterior.

There are many homes for sale in Colorado, but with these tips you can begin to stand out from the crowd and attract a buyer quickly.

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