Guest Blogger: Bill Needham ~ What Does Your New Home Need to Have?

When you are on the search for a new property in Grand Junction, you need to take a moment to understand the difference between want and need. They are two very different words. You may want to have a pool, but you need to have enough rooms for all of your children. When you are starting to look for a home, make a list of the things that you need to have in your property. These are all of the elements that you cannot live without.

For example, you might know that your family of four simply can’t function with a single bathroom. You need to have at least two. You might also find that you need to have a house with just a single floor because one member of the family has trouble with stairs. Make a list of all of these needs, and make sure you include your budget on this list. You need to have a home that comes in at or below that budget. Make sure your real estate agent knows this.

Once you have your list of needs, it’s time to have a little fun and create a list of wants. Maybe you want to have walk-in closets, a deck, or the pool we mentioned earlier. This is your dream list, and you should make sure that your realtor sees this as well. Once they find properties that have all of your needs, they can see if they happen to have any of those wants on your list. You might be able to get everything you need and one or two things that you want.

As you start to look at the properties, you might find other things to add to both of your lists. Again, make sure that you let the realtor know so that he or she can ensure they are showing you the properties that most closely match your desires and needs.



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