Nine Terrible Grand Junction Home Improvement Innovations

Nine Terrible Grand Junction Home Improvement Innovations When it’s one of those weekend days when the Grand Junction weather has refused to cooperate with outdoor plans, one way to fill the idle time is to go online in search of home improvement ideas. You may not follow through with any for your own Grand Junction …


No Surprise for Mesa County House Hunters

No Surprise for Mesa County House Hunters Mesa County house buyers and sellers were not surprised in the least at last week’s Federal Reserve decision to notch up the Fed Funds short-term rates. For once, anticipating the move had been easy. The surrounding factors—the economy, employment, and consumer confidence measures—were all in unison, pointing to …

As Consumer Confidence Builds, Fruita Real Estate Gains

Fruita Homes For Sale

As Consumer Confidence Builds, Fruita Real Estate Gains The attachment we build to the places where we live is an easy-to-understand human emotion. Almost everyone who has ever moved away from a family home has experienced a sense of loss that can be quite profound. But that’s only one of the emotional connections that come …

How your credit scores affect the home buying process ~ Janice Burtis

Today we have a guest post and podcast from our very own Janice Burtis, Real Estate Professional.  She does a talk show on KAFM named House Talk.  This informative program allows you to get information about our local market, the housing industry and home buying or selling tips.  Take a listen below: //