This spring like weather has me and my husband anxious to get into the yard and start doing some work! We will be selling in the next year or two, but in the meantime we and are looking to do some improvements to the outside of our house and yard.  First, the house really needs repainted.  Is this something we should do prior to selling?  And if we do, what is the color that would attract a potential buyer?

We also have some shrubbery and bushes in the front and back yard with some old bark around them?  What do you think is best to put in those areas if we replace the old bark- rock or wood?

Thanks for your help, we could use a little help and thought we should get an expert’s opinion!

Thank you – Tracy, Grand Junction, CO

This “spring like” weather has us all ready to get out and get going in the yard.  This kind of weather typically does not come our way for another 60 days or so, but it’s a blessing to have it and taking advantage of it is a great idea. Getting the outside of your home in tip top condition is very important. As you know, your home’s curb appeal is instrumental to getting potential buyers to want to go inside to see more.

Buying a house is a little like dating…if you like what you see on the outside, you are much more likely to make an attempt to see what is on the inside and see if it is a fit! Dressing up for the date is important. If your home needs painting, paint it before putting it on the market. Many people put it off by saying that the buyer will want to choose their own colors etc. Honestly the majority of people will choose a palette neutral color that is consistent with our area and other homes in the neighborhood. You can’t go wrong by choosing a neutral color and putting a fresh coat of paint on your home to make it pop. Don’t forget to also paint the corresponding trim and door a complementary color to set it off and also look to see if shutters are appropriate or planter boxes can be added to really spice up the curb appeal and have people dying to get inside!

Taking some time to spruce up the house and at the same time whip your landscaping and beds into shape is a great idea. I love the use of bark or rock, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. The bark will give it a more mountainous feel and the rock a bit more of a desert edge, go for the look that fits your neighborhood. Many times I find the bark appealing on older, more established neighborhoods with larger trees etc… and the rock more fitting in the newer subdivisions. Keep in mind that both the bark and the rock will need to be refreshed every so often and bark is an easier task to refresh because you can buy it by the bag and is generally easy to carry and overall much lighter. Remember when you freshen up your old beds, make sure to trim back your old bushes and plants at the same time and that will help give the overall appearance of a total face lift.

Taking advantage of this wonderful weather and focusing on your exterior curb appeal is very smart and will pay you big dollar for dollar returns on your investment. You may not love the sweat you are putting into it now, but will love the equity it provides when you do decide to sell. Best of luck and maybe the fruit of your labor will make you happy enough to just stay put for a bit longer and enjoy!
Dave Kimbrough

The Kimbrough Team

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