Is carpet or laminate wood best for bedroom flooring?

Is carpet or laminate wood best for bedroom flooring?

Dear Dave,

Two years ago we completely remodeled our kitchen and replaced all of the tile floors throughout the home and living areas with laminate wood, but decided to wait to replace the bedrooms existing carpet for financial reasons. We will be selling our home next year and are ready to replace the carpet, but now we aren’t sure if we should replace it with new carpeting or the same laminate flooring as the rest of the house. I’ve learned from your articles that both choices would give us an excellent return, however which choice is more appealing to buyers in our area? We are so conflicted!

Virginia, Grand Junction



Ugh…I understand why you are so conflicted, as I am also conflicted with my answer! Personally I can’t stand having my bare feet on any surface other than carpet, thus I am not a big fan of tile, wood or any “hard” surface. We have tile in our bathroom, however my bare feet almost never touch it…weird, I know. One of the things I miss most when we are on vacation to any beach locale is carpet. I know you can’t get carpet as clean and that it harbors sand, dust, mites and who knows what else, but personally I love carpet in bedrooms.

You are right, either will give you a good return on your investment so honestly you can’t really go wrong, but I am going to say carpet in the bedrooms is the correct choice. It is a softer surface and helps create a warmer atmosphere and I believe that is the more desirable surface in a bedroom. You have chosen wisely in the rest of the house, as people love that wood and tile is easier to keep clean, but in the bedrooms go with carpet!

Dave Kimbrough
The Kimbrough Team

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